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Chin Botox: Smooth the Skin & Elongate the Face

Teresa Vanderboom, ANP-BC

before and after chin botox in Walpole,  MA
Chin Botox: Before & After

As we age, the muscles in the chin can become hyper-contracted, causing a dimpled and pebbly appearance to the skin that resembles an orange peel (peau d'orange) or a golf ball. Over time, the activity of these muscles can also form a deep horizonal crease below the lip which is caused by the upwards and inwards curling of the chin that gives the resemblance of a witch's chin.

Botox is an effective treatment to smooth the skin and prevent the upwards pull of the chin. By placing Botox in the mentalis muscle, the chin relaxes which also results in a more elongated appearance to the lower face.

As with all Botox treatments, there are certain risks. Because the mentalis muscle is in close proximity to neighboring muscles of the lower face that affect the mouth, there is a chance that inadvertent spread of Botox could result in an uneven smile. It is very important that your injector knows the anatomy of the lower face and reviews this risk with you prior to your treatment. Other more common risks include pain, bleeding, and bruising.

Chin Botox is an effective treatment to rejuvenate the lower face, and typical doses range from 5-10 units. It is relatively painless with little down-time, and it is easy to incorporate into a regular treatment session.

nurse practitioner holding bottle of Botox in Walpole, MA
Teresa Vanderboom, ANP-BC

If you live in Walpole or the neighboring towns of Medfield, Norwood, Sharon, Norfolk, Foxboro and beyond, and would like to learn more about chin Botox to smooth the skin and elongate the face, reach out to book your appointment. I can’t wait to help you #feelgoodaboutlookingGREAT!

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